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A fully funded and accelerating startup company in Asia, carries a mission to build an ad-tech software product that empowers SMEs in Asia to do digital marketing better and cheaper with automation and AI technologies. 

GrowthSpot, a venture developing growth marketing automation software that helps Asian growing SMEs to get better online marketing results at lower cost. GrowthSpot carries a mission to make effective growth marketing accessible and affordable for growing SMEs in Asia, via marketing technology, academy community and also added services to empower SMEs to grow with profitable marketing.

About Growthspot

We are a lean and dynamic team with a balanced mix of startup and corporate backgrounds. Our core team consists of award winning veterans in business, marketing and technology products.

Our Team

Why you should join us?

We work in a fun, collaborative open space where we encourage creativity and ideas flow freely. 

You’ll be able to steer the future roadmap to improve our products, big or small, and see the results of your products reach our customers.

Get to work with flexible working hours. Our priority is on getting the job done.

Flat structure environment, you will be able to work independently and make your own choices.

We provide guidance and mentorship to polish your business skills and entrepreneurship mindset.

We are one of the standout tech startups in Hong Kong and Taiwan, targeting a huge opportunity in Asia.

We provide needed trainings and programs to develop your career skill sets to grow personally and professionally.

GrowthSpot is Incubated by multiple Hong Kong mentors and programs, giving us a massive network of advisors and resources locally and regionally in Asia.

We provide sponsored business travel opportunities to Taiwan and SEA countries.

Marketing & Growth Role

Online Marketing Associate

Machine Learning Developer

Content Growth Marketing Specialist

Product Associate

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Business Development Associate  / Sr. Manager Sales Associate / Sr. Sales Manager

Product Role

Product Manager

Graphic Designer

UI & UX Designer

Full Stack Developer / Sr. Software Engineer

Sr. System Architect

Engineering Role

Design & Development Role

Front-end Developer

Sales & Business Development Role

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