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How to Build a Marketing Team Culture That Empowers Everyone and Aims for Results?

At any company, the marketing team is often the business driving engine – responsible for getting the brand and product out to potential target users in noisy markets, driving direct business growth, and building new initiatives.

As markets often change, become more competitive overtime, new technology and methodology pop up that requires re-learning, I believe it’s important to have a culture that foster personal development and team work in order to stay ahead of the crowd – empowering everyone on the team and leveraging their best skill sets are crucial.

Below are the team cultures that I believe will help you build a marketing army for today and tomorrow.

1. Respect teammates. Communicate positively

While everyone comes with different background and skill sets, it’s expected to have different viewpoints and constructive discussion. Encourage to always ask why when you’re not convinced and communicate positively.

You don’t have to agree on each other all the time but you should always respect each other.

2. Be helpful and supportive. Work as a team

Everyone has strength and weakness. A great team works better than a group of individuals when you play with your strength and have your teammates to cover your weakness.

Be humble enough to ask for help, and supportive enough to reach out to help.

3. Be the best at getting better. Never stop learning and practicing

A great team consists of great individuals, and to be great you can’t stop learning.

The more you know, the more you find you don’t know.

Part of effective learning is to apply your new learning into practice at your work and take things to the next level.

Especially in marketing which is ever changing everyday, do not seat on past experience. Adapt and keep learning.

The strength of the chain is in the weakest link. Keep learning will prevent you from being the weakest link.

4. Take responsibility for results. How you get there is far less important

Spend marketing dollars as if it’s your own money and stay on top of the ROI whatever you do.

Besides marketing $, your time is equally important resource. Prioritise your time accordingly on projects that matter most.

When you take responsibility for what do you and be responsible for the result, you should also be given the freedom to design how you’d like to get there and try things out in your way.

Be driven by the results and take responsibility.

5. Embrace objective data and stay away from personal intuition

Use data to your advantage, upon making decisions, influencing teammates, suggesting improvement and projects etc.

What you believe in can be wrong, and is often wrong. Make friends with data and let him be your personal advisor.

6. Don’t be afraid for failure, but don’t make the same mistake twice

Fail fast and learn fast, but make sure you learn from your mistakes. When you try new things that doesn’t work, don’t forget the lessons and apply the learning in your next moves.

7. Influence others without authority, whenever possible

When you need others’ buy in or support, for example you’d like to pursue a new project, adopt a process change, propose for new improvements, you’re suggested to come with supporting logics, explain why there is a need, and embrace others comments especially when your suggestion affect others workflow. Authority should come last unless necessary.

A bonus tip will be to complete all tasks well within their deadline. Be proactive and follow time mangement principles. We have written a very detailed blog on the same, you can read here.



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