About GrowthSpot

GrowthSpot is a startup in Hong Kong that carry a mission to achieve growth by our Automated, AI-powered Marketing Platform and premium growth services. If you want to leverage existing marketing effort with our AI-powered Marketing technology, sign up now to unlock the Automated Marketing Platform.
If you are looking for premium growth services, to manage your online business, check out our services to see what we can do for you.

At GrowthSpot, our mission is to help your grow your business by our automated marketing platform and our premium marketing service. 

We understand many SMEs in Hong Kong miss out on the huge potential of expanding online due to the limited resources constraints. We have two options for these merchants and we will help them to GROW ONLINE.

Check out more features from our all-in-one marketing platform, such as the Channel Analytics Dashboard, Marketing Calculators.
We also provide GrowthSpot Plus services to merchants who want to grow online but don’t know how to get started.