Channel Integrations

GrowthSpot allows users to integrate Google Analytics and Google Ads account for now. The integration feature with Facebook Ads is coming in no time!

Google Analytics:

1. Log in to your GrowthSpot dashboard.

2. Click “Channel Settings” on the left panel.3. Click “Connect Now” button under the Google Analytics section.4. Allow Growthspot to view your Google Analytics data.5. Select your account number, property and view. Click “Connect” button.6. Done! The status of Google Analytics account will be shown as “CONNECTED”. You will see your corresponding business data. 

Google Ads:

1. Click “Connect Now” button under the Google Ads section.2. Allow Growthspot to manage your Adwords campaigns.3. Select an account to link with. Click “Connect” button.4. Done! The status of Google Ads account will be shown as “CONNECTED”. You will see your corresponding business data.

Facebook Ads – Coming Soon!

*Hints: If you operate multiple websites / Google Analytics / Googles Ads accounts, we highly recommend you to open an account for each store / website so as to avoid data confusion and performance.

Your connected Google Analytics / Google Ads / Facebook Ads accounts should be related. They should all operate for the same store / website.

We are sorry to see you go.

Google Analytics: 

1. Log in to your GrowthSpot dashboard

2. Click “Channel Setting” on the left panel

3. Click “Unlink this account” under the Google Analytics box. Confirm it by clicking “Unlink”

Paid Channels:
“Paid Channels” means the all online advertising channels that advertiser use to promote their website, service or products for traffic and sales; in GrowthSpot, it is for Google Ads and Facebook Ads Platform.

All Channels:
Other than the “Paid channels”, there are other channels bringing traffics and sales for your business, including the direct traffic, organic search, referral sites; in GrowthSpot, once your Google Analytics account is connected, you can see the traffic or conversion data of all channels.

Impression: (Paid Channels)
The number of your ads displaying to target audience

Traffics / Clicks: (Paid / All Channels)
If you have connected to Google Analytics in GrowthSpot, here means the general traffics brought to your website, measured in terms of session which indicates the interaction (Page Visit / Ecommerce Events like purchase, add to cart / Link clicks) of the users to your site every 30 minutes

If you have only connected to Paid channels (Google Ads & Facebook Ads), here shows the total number of clicks brought from the ads

Cost: (Paid Channels)
The total cost of ad spend over the selected date range

Cost Per Click: (Paid Channels)
Cost Per Click (CPC) is the actual cost for each click to your ads

Click-through rate: (Paid Channels)
Click-through rate (CTR) is dividing the impression by clicks, evaluate how many clicks to your ads after the ads are displayed to users

Conversion: (All Channels)
Conversion is the action that users interact with your business to achieve your business goals. For example, if your website is an e-commerce driven and selling clothes, the number of “Purchase” event can be your conversion numbers.

If your website is selling consultation services about the overseas study, the number of consultation bookings would be your conversion number

Conversion Rate: (All Channels)
Conversion Rate (CVR) is calculated by dividing the conversions by clicks, as a review of ad performance to see how many conversions brought for each ad interaction (Clicks).

If you have connected to Google Analytics, you can see the total conversion rate of all channels.

Conversion Rate: (Paid Channels)
Same as above, but here shows the conversion rate for paid channels (Google Ads / Facebook Ads channels if you have connected)

Cost Per Conversion: (All Channels)
Cost Per Conversion (All) is to calculate the average cost spent over all channels to generate one conversion

Cost Per Conversion: (Paid Channels)
Cost Per Conversion (Paid) is to calculate the average cost spent over paid advertising channels to generate one conversion


Yes, that is because you haven’t connected your accounts (Google Analytics / Google Ads / Facebook Ads) to GrowthSpot, our dashboard is unable to display the numbers for you. Connecting your accounts now resolve your problem.

For the “Conversions” and “Conversion Rate”, if you see “$0.00” and “0.00%” respectively, it means there are no conversion yet in the selected data range;

while for “Cost/Conversions”, you may see “-” when there are no conversions and therefore system is unable to calculate the Cost Per Conversion properly; we display “-” for that scenario instead.