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A high quality website goes hand-in-hand with a well-considered marketing funnel. Marketing funnel refers to the process from customers realizing their needs, to the actual moment they make the purchase. This process is described as the marketing funnel, as your potential customers are gradually decreasing just like a funnel. This concept does not come naturally to many, designing the funnel without focus is one of the main reasons for an ill-designed website.


Before any collaboration, GrowthSpot conducts market research for your brand and industry to better understand your target customers so that we can develop a suitable marketing funnel accordingly. A thorough website development process involves optimization, reorganization, reconstruction, and even content changes on the website interface to reduce potential customers leakage in your marketing funnel.

Our Service Includes

Website framework and optimization

Your website is one of the most crucial elements of your digital marketing funnel, as it affects every stage of your marketing funnel. At the “consciousness stage”, the interface of the website and its browsing structure will affect the potential customers’ first impression of you. At the “consideration stage”, the content of the website needs to address the user’s pain points. At the “decision stage”, the website’s payment process will also greatly affect the success rate of order placement.


GrowthSpot builds or optimizes your website that best suits your sales funnel, including a complete website user flow map, homepage design, independent landing page or one-page website construction procedures. Targeting the entry and exit point of each layer of the funnel, improving overall UX and UI of the website to increase business opportunities.

Website inspection and performance reporting

To evaluate the quality of a website, we look into multiple perspectives such as website visitor usage path, browsing time, page views, and visitor heat map. GrowthSpot uses a series of professional indicators to analyze your website’s performance, which we use to produce simple and to-the-point website performance reports. Backed by data, we provide professional website optimization suggestions and A / B Testing services to help you compare the performance of different web page versions to determine the ultimate website combination that maximises conversion rate.

Website domain and server management

GrowthSpot looks into the market and identifies the most suitable brand domain for you, and supports you throughout the server selection process. After you have selected the domain and server, we will handle all website system settings and link your website backend to your domain and server. We will also provide professional support with website backup and SSL selection, allowing you to sit back and relax while the technical aspects of your website installation is fully handled.

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