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Google Ads 101 for Dummies


Master Google Ads in 90 days

Ultimate Google Ads Online Course 2021

24/7 seamless learning experience!

Course Goals


Bring sustainable, effective and high-quality traffic to your site
The comprehensive Google ads course provides you with the required backend knowledge and skills to have 24/7 non-stop traffic in one week, and to get your first order.

Planning, Execution, and Optimization
Access to 60+ online course videos at once- GrowthSpot provides 24/7 support in your whole learning process covering from planning, execution to optimization.

Becoming a SEM expert
8000+ SMEs have benefited from our courses- The Google Ads course provided by GrowthSpot is one of the best in the industry.

Courses Preview:

1. Basic Knowledge that Marketing Experts Must Read

2. Ad Structure that 95% People Do Not Know

3. Understanding Your Ad Return

4. Master in Keywords

5. Expert Tips for Keywords Match Type

6. Master the Backend

And 6 more topics!

Revealing GrowthSpot’s years of advertising secrets
Learn how you can revolutionize your business performance by Google Search Ads

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