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Growthspot Webinar

How to boost Facebook Ads ROAS in 2021?

Learn how you can improve your Facebook ads performance!

Poor Facebook Ads performance frustrates ecommerce business owners in terms of number of leads or number of orders.

In Dec 2020, GrowthSpot organized a webinar for Hong Kong SMEs revealing the latest Facebook Ads and GrowthSpot data with marketing insights.

Learn how to use the most effective advertising settings within 90 minutes!

Content includes

  1. How to improve Facebook Stories ads’ effectiveness?
  2. - Which campaign goal brings more orders?
  3. - Is Video Ad or Image Ad better?
  4. - Facebook ads + Influencer =?
  5. - What is the audience setting for high ROI?
  6. - How to minimize advertising expenses quickly?
  7. - 2021 Popular industries and promoted products
  8. - What is the most effective Ad setting?
  9. - 100% Guaranteed- Facebook Ad Performance Improvement Method

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Growthspot Webinar
Content Applicable to?

1. LOTs
2. FB Marketing
3. Data analysis
4. Ad placement
5. Fb Ads Audience
6. Testing Method
7. Step-By-Step A/b Testing for finding The Most Effective Advertisement
8. How To Test Each Item Systematically
9. Ad placement Selection
10.Ads settings Tips

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