GrowthSpot has been solving their online marketing problems for different types of stores by providing practical SME marketing teaching articles. In the ever-changing online world, all types of companies face a variety of problems at different times, not a single article. In view of this, the GrowthSpot team decided to share the real experience of the operation and collect opinions of netizens on the operation of online marketing, so that everyone can grow from experience.

Some netizens have very worthy of reference for operating online stores.

**Netizen opinion: **

These are not things that you should understand?

If you don’t know what else to open online shop?

Sleeping at home is better!?

Marketing is nothing but money! Those who do marketing can have money!

What is not good is the precise calculation of brand establishment, positioning, cost and profit!

The most important thing is: How much money do you have to prepare to open the online store?

and also

Do you understand web design?

What to sell? How much to enter?

How much turnover?

Did you understand import trade?

How much is one kilogram of air transport by sea?

Is the source of the goods reliable?

How much can you invest in cost?…

Cost of additional QC and NG products

Too much to finish

These invisible “micro-events” are the focus

Those marketing things ~ depends on how much money you prepare to invest?

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There are many spaces for research and discussion in the above comments, but here we hope to provide another perspective. Although the views of netizens are worthy of reference, they are not the most comprehensive.

Consider changing angles over time

Different stages of growth will encounter different problems. For those online stores that started from 0 to 1, even the first single business is not available. At this time, it is not practical to increase profits. At the beginning, the website traffic was still not stable, there were no customers, and the profit was not too high. The freight adjustment did not help them much.

We understand very well that starting from scratch is very difficult. Many of the customers of GrowthSpot are just getting started. Whether it is “from 0 to 1” or “1 to 100”, everyone is slowly building it step by step. It is not easy to grow up. The problems faced in these two stages must also be positively addressed and resolved. The skills you need to master at the beginning are not how to improve your profit, but how to focus on doing business, and get the first 10 orders. After getting the first 10 orders, you will have a clearer direction for business positioning, target customers and marketing strategies.

Regardless of whether your current stage is “from 0 to 1” or “1 to 100”, recognizing business positioning, target customers and marketing strategies will be more effective.

We have questions about our online marketing strategy and we welcome you to make an appointment with us for a free telephone consultation. For details, please visit:

Can you solve the problem with money ?

In most cases, funds can only amplify the proportion of returns rather than providing a practical solution. Funds can provide sufficient cash flow for operations, but what we are pursuing is return on investment (ROI) rather than investing more. For example, online stores are at a loss (negative return on investment), and when they invest more money, they will make more losses. On the contrary, if the online store’s return on investment is positive, and the online store is only short of money, then he only needs to invest money and the operation reaches profit.

The above example shows that if your advertising performance is worse than expected, and you just increase your advertising budget, will the performance of this advertisement become better? All you have to do is pause the ad or adjust the ad instead of investing more money.

The market will never be short of money. What is lacking is someone who can correctly implement this idea. The real solution is education, not money. Money will only make the failed person fail, and the successful person will be more successful.

Therefore, precision is the pursuit of online marketing, rather than blind investment. The good performance of many advertising campaigns does not have to burn a lot of money. The correct method is the key to success.

Step out of success

Learning is a must, but it is still necessary to put everything you learn into practice before you can make progress.

Any ideas, plus long-term efforts, will succeed, and so will your business. The key is action. Although many, many companies are unsuccessful, they are also worthy of encouragement and appreciation because they do take action. Failure is a learning experience, and with these experiences, they will have greater chances of success.

What is really hard to succeed is that others are considering, but have never really taken action. The road to success needs to be harder than you think, but at the same time it is easier than you think. He is not a straight line, but it is by no means out of reach. As long as you stay focused and make some progress for the company every day, one day you will achieve your goals.

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We have questions about our online marketing strategy and we welcome you to make an appointment with us for a free telephone consultation. For details, please visit:


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