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GrowthSpot is the first intelligent marketing platform in Asia

GrowthSpot is committed to providing effective and affordable digital marketing services for SMEs in Asia through AI and automation, enabling them to maximize their business growth

GrowthSpot Platform

Your personal eCommerce Marketing Assistant- AI Online Advertising Management Platform designated for Hong Kong SMEs; A full suite of innovative advanced marketing tools that makes online growth easier

Digital Marketing Services

Customize your most effective online marketing system- GrowthSpot provides professional online marketing consultation and support to SMEs

GrowthSpot Academy

Strengthen your digital marketing knowledge- GrowthSpot enables you to be a digital marketing expert by offering a series of free webinars and training courses

The Hong Kong ICT Awards 2020:

Smart Business (Solution for SME)


The Hong Kong ICT Awards 2020: Smart Business (Solution for SME) stream recognizes the local outstanding technological innovation achievements in developing IT products and application/services for SMEs. This award acts as a solid proof of GrowthSpot’s dedication in nurturing SMEs online growth.

GrowthSpot will continue to strive for excellent online marketing platform services for our users.

Our 8 Core Services

Boost Your Online Business Return Effectively

Digital Marketing Strategy Formulation


Google Ads

高效的Google 廣告策略是很有價值的,但何謂高效?這需要精準的關鍵字、廣告結構、內容、定期監察成果以達到最佳效果。我們會考慮到您的需要和目標、策劃長遠的計劃,並為您實踐,持續進行調整。而這些步驟和成果也會定時向您匯報。

Website Design
& Building


Remarketing Ads



GrowthSpot的成效追蹤服務包括:安裝像素,定期追蹤系統檢查,Google Anayltics數據整理及UTM網站入口追蹤等。品牌便可以輕鬆快捷地掌握準確的成效資訊,從而判定未來的廣告活動及務算如何部署。


GrowthSpot採用的是正統的WSI SEO模型,當中包括關鍵字及競爭者調查,技術性SEO,內容撰寫,宣傳內容及 SEO成效檢討等。透過一系列的過程,品牌便能慢慢地提升他們的搜尋排名。

& Instagram Ads


Marketing Automation


Evaluate Your Business Position Solve Your PainPoints

GrowthSpot is committed to providing effective and affordable digital marketing services for SMEs in Asia through AI and automation, enabling them to maximize their business growth.

Webinars & Online Courses

You only have basic knowledge towards Digital Marketing

You want to execute digital marketing yourself but lacks the backend skills

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Webinars and Online Courses

Marketing Agency Services

You are new to Digital Marketing

Your 1st priority is not acquiring Digital Marketing knowledge

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GrowthSpot Platform

You understand the mechanism of Digital Marketing thoroughly

You want to improve working efficiency via exploring different methods

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GrowthSpot Platform users


You have no idea how much you know about Digital Marketing

You want to evaluate your current ad performance (Google Ads- chinese version)

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Our Clients

Collaborated With 8000+ SMEs 

Success Stories

Collaborated With 8000+ SMEs

GrowthSpot platform's users

The keyword tools are really useful to expand the ideas on planning my search ads.

With the alert engine feature, it saves my time to monitor the ads performance regularly.

I like the business analysis feature in GrowthSpot platform as it creates an overall picture of how my business performs over the channels.

GrowthSpot service's users

The GrowthSpot team leveraged their experience to customize an efficient, accurate and flexible plan for us. Their performance has always been better-than-expected on all the different projects we collaborated on!

GrowthSpot successfully solved the issue of data tracking on our online store. And we see encouraging results brought by Google ads.

In just six months, we have achieved remarkable results by working with GrowthSpot. More customers have recognized our brand from the Internet and visit our offline stores!

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With GrowthSpot, you can integrate and monitor all your online marketing channels, Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads, in one platform

For Dummies
Google Ads eBook (2 copies)

Download our latest 2 Google Ads eBooks* to get rid the image of a digital marketing newbie! 

“Google Ads 101 for Dummies” & “Master Google Ads in 90 days” are written and edited by GrowthSpot team, aimed at enabling you to master Google Ads, and maximizing your business growth

*written in Chinese

GrowthSpot Academy

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