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GrowthSpot is Asia’s First Intelligent Marketing Platform empowered by professional digital transformation consultants. With years of experience, GrowthSpot is committed to providing effective and affordable digital marketing services for SMEs in Asia through AI and automation, enabling them to maximize their business growth.

Mission & Values

Companies are established based on a specific societal issue.

With over 90% of Hong Kong’s companies being SMEs , they act as a primary motive in driving Hong Kong’s economy and this situation applies to Taiwan, Mainland China, South East Asia, and most of the remaining Asia regions. GrowthSpot is committed to providing effective and affordable digital marketing  consultation and support for SMEs growing their business drastically. In fact, we are acting as a catalyzer in promoting Hong Kong, the Greater China, and the rest of the Asia’s economy.

How GrowthSpot Help You

Type 1: Rookie
  • New to Digital Marketing
  • Acquiring Digital Marketing-related knowledge is not your present priority
Type 2: Beginner
  • Acquired Basic knowledge of Digital Marketing
  • Needs in executing digital marketing manually but experience in technical issues
Type 3: Intermediate/ Advanced
  • Understand the mechanism of Digital Marketing thoroughly
  • Needs in improving working efficiency via different methods

Why Us


The only agency that puts your conversion rate as our top priority/ The only agency team which puts your return first

Crystal of technology and professionalism

The only agency in Asia that combines technology and professionalism

SMEs Partner

Co-create your digital success systematically. Our vision, product development, and service are designated according to Asia’s SMEs needs

Organize seminar, workshops, and other digital marketing related activities regularly

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Opportunities of Online Shops in Covid-19

Turning crisis into opportunity with digital transformation

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GrowthSpot always recruit passionate and talented people to join the team