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Is your online advertising just burning money with little return in orders?

We can help you

Improve advertising returns week on week

Reduce 74% of ad management time spent

Reduce overall required ad spend

All-in-one Google & FB Ads Management platform

Powerful Feature Sets


Optimize your ad budget- Deduce the optimal Ad budget and maximum cost per click (CPC) for profit maximization based on your situation. Our platform provides applicable keywords and recommendations supported by market research and data.


Quickscan on your eCommerce and advertising performance – Understanding customers’ shopping behaviour enables you to visualize your business outlook. Our platform allows you to connect with Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads so you can review all the key metrics on one single dashboard.


Let your potential customers come to you within 10 minutes via Google – advert will be created automatically once you have filled in the product URL. Perform Facebook Ads A/B testing for your best conversion rate ad settings!


Monitor your paid channel performance 24/7  -along with periodic paid channel reports, you can now modify your ad strategies anytime with less spending and higher return.

The Hong Kong ICT Awards 2020:

Smart Business (Solution for SME) Award:


The Hong Kong ICT Awards 2020: Smart Business (Solution for SME) stream recognizes the local outstanding technological innovation achievements in developing IT products and application/services for SMEs. This award acts as a solid proof of GrowthSpot’s dedication in nurturing SMEs online growth.


GrowthSpot is dedicated in providing continuous excellent online marketing platform services for our users. 

Real All-for-One Platform


Integrate and monitor all your online marketing channels on GrowthSpot, such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads.

Channel Analytics Dashboard


Understand customer behaviour by monitoring your business and ads’ performance on Channel Analytics Dashboard. Connect your Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads accounts to GrowthSpot, and focus on making important business decisions one place.

Alert Engine


Set the Alert Engine for irregular status reports- Too busy monitoring your marketing channels’ performance (i.e., Google Ads, and Facebook Ads)? Get an instant status report of each marketing channel by setting the alert trigger conditions. From now on,  modify your advertising strategy in a timely manner and focus on more other business matters.

Keywords Idea Generator


Enter one keyword for more ideas – It is always clumsy to prepare a keyword list for Search ad creation. By entering one keyword, GrowthSpot ‘Keywords Idea Generator’ helps users to generate massive useful and effective keywords.

Google Ads Placement


Generate Google Ads with your website content automatically -no more time-consuming process for ads placement because GrowthSpot will use your website content to generate Google Ads, efficiently and easily.

Facebook Ads Placement

Simpler and more user-friendly interface than the Facebook ads Manager! By creating up to 20 advertising audiences at a time, GrowthSpot allows you to reduce the setup time greatly and find the potential audience settings from the quick test.

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