Enabling you to be your own Google and Facebook Ads expert

Our AI advertising management platform helps you run your ads with more efficiency and effectiveness so that you can maximize your advertising return with a minimal advertising budget.

Is your online advertising only an expense and not bringing you orders or revenue?
Let us help you

Steady week-on-week increasing on advertising returns

74% reduction on time spent managing your ads

Reduce your overall ad spend

A centralized platform for you to manage both your Google & Facebook Ads

The Hong Kong ICT Awards 2020:
Smart Business (Solution for SME) Award

The Hong Kong ICT Awards 2020: Smart Business (Solution for SME) stream is to recognize outstanding achievements in technological innovations in locally developed IT products and application/services for effective use by SME Having this award means GrowthSpot’s effort has gained wide support from the community, we shall strive for excellence, on our service, and for our clients continuously 

From planning, to execution, management, and optimization, GrowthSpot will be here with you every step along the way


A three step approach that leverages your actual business performance to calculate your optimal Ad budget and maximum cost per click (CPC) that ensures return on investment. This is enhanced by our platform’s ability to generate applicable keywords that is supported by market research and data.


Business and Paid Channel Dashboard enable you to visualize and measure the performance with key metrics for the paid and organic channels


Allow relevant potential customers to find you on Google within 10 minutes, once you fill in the URL to automatically create ads, and novices are completely fine


24/7 virtual marketing assistant to monitor of your paid channel performance, enabling to optimize your ad strategies anytime to achieve less spending but more business growth

One Platform, All Channels

With GrowthSpot, you can integrate and monitor all your online marketing channels, such as Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Channel Analytics Dashboard

Waste no more time checking data on the different platforms. We help you connect the dots, you can see everything on the Channel Analytics Dashboard, and you can focus on making important decisions to grow the business.

Marketing Calculators

Don’t know how much and what you’re spending on each channel? Our Marketing Calculators help you find the maximum bid that you should pay for a click in any ad channel, customized to your specific business goals.

Keywords Generator

It is hard and time-consuming to produce all permutations of the keywords. Our Keywords Generator helps you generate all the permutations. Easy!

Keywords Ideas

It’s troubled to prepare keywords for creating search ads. Only enter one seed keyword, GrowthSpot Keyword Ideas can help users search for massive useful and effective keywords.

Ads Placement

Spending too much time on creating ineffective ad campaigns? Through GrowthSpot, you can create and manage multiple channels campaigns.

Alert Engine

No time to monitor your marketing channels’ performance (i.e., Google Ads, and Facebook Ads) individually ? You can get GrowthSpot report the status of each marketing channel regularly by simply set the alert trigger conditions. So that you can modify your advertising strategy in time and have more time to focus on other business matters.

Facebook Ads Placement

Simpler and more user-friendly interface than the Facebook ads Manager! By creating up to 20 advertising audiences at a time, GrowthSpot allows you to reduce the setup time greatly and find the potential audience settings from the quick test.

User Feedbacks

Canvas Sweet

"It allows us to understand overall performance in the paid channels for better planning on the ads."


"Regularly using Alert Engine to monitor the ads performance 24/7. Make our work more efficient!"


"Like using the Keywords Generator and Keywords Idea features! Amazing and user-friendly features!"

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