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GrowthSpot Plus is an online marketing agency team under GrowthSpot, headquartered in Hong Kong. We practice online growth for various brands through many different services.

Success Cases

GrowthSpot Systematic Digital Growth Roadmap

The Systematic Digital Growth Roadmap is a methodology for implementing all online marketing activities and provides a solid foundation for all starters. It enables GrowthSpot to plan the best growth path and list the exact strategies to enable us to achieve our goals.
GrowthSpot founder and CEO, Randal has grown many small teams into world-renowned large companies with his professional online marketing skills. With many years of accumulated experience, he designed this online growth roadmap and formulated a clear path and direction for the online development of SMEs. The GrowthSpot Plus service also follows this roadmap to make the right decisions in the right order, resulting in outstanding results for your brand.

Our 8 Core Services

to effectively improve your digital marketing returns

Digital Growth Strategy

Google Ads

Website Building

Re-marketing Ads

Data Tracking Setup


Facebook/Instagram Ads

Digital Automation

GrowthSpot Plus Service


Do It Yourself

GrowthSpot Plus Service
  • Makes good use of data for analysis and evaluation, plans the roadmap that is most suitable for each company, and then conducts strategic marketing plans
  • Our marketing experts are responsible for gradually obtaining data and optimizing it. The results are seen in three to six months
  • Using GrowthSpot artificial intelligence platform to work more precise and professional
Do It Yourself
  • Get tips from browsing Internet or reading books, failed to carry out planned marketing
  • If you are running your company and using a non-systematic marketing strategy for your marketing efforts, it can take a long time to see the initial results
  • Lacking the knowledge and skills to use effective tools

SEMs’ First Choice

Focus on results

Data analysis

Team of experts

Transparent management

Periodic reports

Artificial intelligence monitoring

Your online growth partner that will

bring you continued business opportunities

Pinpoint potential business opportunities

Do you know your conversion? How many visitors from Google actually made a purchase? Do you know which page on your website is your customers’ favorite? We collect all relevant data from your website and advertisements that will help us track user behavior records, analyze it with our AI programs and determine the most relevant Marketing strategy that will help grow your business.

Achieve your target return on investment

Many companies spend resources and money on advertisements and online marketing with suboptimal results. Money was spent, but revenue has not increased. GrowthSpot applies a systematic approach to test out the highest returning methodology, allowing you to reach your target audience that has the highest purchase opportunities and successfully convert them to returning customers.

Tailored Digital Growth Formula

Every dollar matters to SMEs, and not every company should be spending money on advertising. Before proposing a marketing plan, we must first understand your business background, growth needs, and conduct in-depth analysis to define a plan for key actions to be performed at different stages.

Jeff Chu, Marketing Director, Emay Plus
As a start-up / small and medium-sized enterprise, cost-effectiveness and execution accuracy are especially important. In response to our marketing strategies and goals, the GrowthSpot team's experience and technical application of online marketing solutions have customized efficient, accurate and flexible integration solutions. Consistently creating better-than-expected performance in different projects.
In order to further promote the online development of our online store, we have always wanted to increase exposure and promote the development of online store business. By chance, we got in touch with GrowthSpot's online marketing seminar. In the process, they explained many steps and methods to be aware of when advertising. Through the management by GrowthSpot, they successfully resolved the Google Conversion Tracking setup issue of our online store. At the same time, we also saw the actual effect of Google advertising.
The GrowthSpot team helped us develop Google Adwords and Facebook Page Plans. We represent many European brands and products. In a complex and diverse positioning and highly competitive network environment, the GrowthSpot platform plays an important role in generating promotions and analyzing data. In just six months of working with GrowthSpot, we have achieved remarkable results: more customers have recognized our brand from the Internet and visited physical stores.
Yung Kee
The GrowthSpot team is very professional in advertising management. We are committed to providing a wide range of seasonal food and souvenirs to a wide range of customers. In the past, we only placed different types of ads based on our own judgment, which made our advertising costs very expensive. With the GrowthSpot platform, we are able to achieve highly cost-effective advertising and better targeting. It can also help us increase Facebook followers. Most importantly, GrowthSpot designed the platform's user interface to be very convenient and easy to use, allowing us to work more efficiently. In addition, GrowthSpot employees are always available to advise us in a timely manner.
GrowthSpot is different from some other marketing agencies in Hong Kong. In addition to technical implementation, GrowthSpot also provides comprehensive marketing strategy advice to help us make online marketing easier. In the past year, they developed and executed different Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns for us, and we rebuilt a website suitable for e-commerce. As a result, website traffic and conversion rates have increased significantly.

Top 3 Services

Google Advertising

  • Perform comprehensive keyword research and bid calculations
  • Bid on the most profitable keywords at the most profitable price
  • Show ads in front of users with the highest purchase opportunity
  • Remarket to people who have visited your website

Website Design and Development

  • Build a well-structured, high-return website based on your business needs
  • Establish an easy-to-manage online order system
  • Website roadmap that can convert foot traffic into customers
  • Design in line with brand image
  • Data can be updated on its own, more flexible

Data Tracking Setup

  • Design and install a well-structured tracking system
  • Pinpoint users who have visited your website or users who have made a purchase
  • Understand user behavior on websites from different sources
  • Easily view website and advertising data in the future
  • Including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager, etc.

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