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Let Google Ads accelerate your business

Master Ad budgeting to achieve significant business results


Google Advertising covers a full spectrum of promotional channels, including Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Remarketing Ads, and Google Shopping Ads. It offers various setting options such as, advertising position, audience size, and visualization based on your potential customer portfolios.


Make every dollar counts. Google Advertising adopts the Paid Per Click model which allows you to anticipate your daily website traffic by adjusting the daily ad budget

Obtain significant results in a timely manner

Unlike Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads allows you to manage your ad display time at ease. As long as the ad campaign you created passes Google's review, the ads will then be displayed immediately in front of users. This whole process normally takes no more than 24 hours.

Moreover, you can also suspend poor performing ads and increase bidding for high performing ads to increase ranking.


All of this enables you to achieve significant results in a timely manner.

Master ad budgeting

With years of experience providing digital marketing services, GrowthSpot has designed our exclusion Max CPC formula. This formula leverages your unique marketing funnel conversion rate to calculate your value per website visitor, thereby giving you the Max CPC that will allow your ad to break even.

Unlike offline marketing, Google ads unique Paid Per Click model gives you a clear picture of your daily website traffic, hence allowing you to anticipate business performance, and to allocate your ad budget more fluidly.

How can GrowthSpot assist you?

An efficient Google ads strategy is highly valuable, but how do we define efficient? 


This requires a combination of precise keywords, a clear ad structure, high quality content, and close results monitoring. We will take your needs and goals into account and propose a long-term strategic plan with continuous adjustments, supplemented by regular and detailed reporting, supplemented by regular and detailed reporting.

Service Offering Includes:

Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads is a form of advertising that improves search engine rankings and appears in front of your potential customers with your customized ad copy immediately. It has a high transparency pricing model which charges you only when users click on your ads.

GrowthSpot is a qualified Google Partner which has helped SMEs and corporations manage over 2 million dollars of advertising budget. Our aim is to help you to work your way out in Google Search Ads sustainably.

Remarketing Ads

Let’s recall the memory of your last online shopping experience. Usually people will not make a purchase when they first see a website but after a few more browsing sessions.


Google has developed Google Remarketing Ads enabling websites to show targeted ads to your website visitors at their browsers. This practice keeps your brand top-of-the-list and entices visitors to revisit your website.


According to a recent study, remarketing can increase a online business’s return on investment rate by 13 times which makes it a remarkable advertising method that can’t be ignored.

Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads are visible to 90% of global internet users via The Google Display Network (GDN) . You can use various formats, for example, image ads, video ads, and any other media forms to visualize your advertisement for  your target audience.

Google Shopping Ads

With the rise of online shopping, Google has developed another new advertising model as well.  You can upload your products to Google in the Google Merchant Center. When users search for related products, a new search results interface will appear at the top of the search results.


The search results will appear in e-commerce product display mode which includes product images, prices, and even color options, so that users can immediately experience the shopping experience without entering the website.


This model is popular in Europe and America and has also been opened to Hong Kong in recent years. This implies a great opportunity to become the market leader as most of your competitors lack the experience of using this ad.

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