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What are advertising and website tracking?

John Wanamaker once said


“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”


This is a very common problem in traditional marketing. But times have changed, in the digital marketing world, we can understand where each dollar of advertising budget is placed and what return it achieved.


GrowthSpot’s effectiveness tracking services include: pixel installation, regular tracking system checkups, data analysis for Google Analytics, and UTM website tracking, etc. Companies can easily and quickly gather accurate performance data to determine how future advertising campaigns and business plans should be deployed.

Service Offering Includes:

Tracking Pixel Installation

Many digital marketing beginners will attempt to try to install different tracking pixels on their platforms, and they often encounter the following problems.


To improve advertising effectiveness, it is crucial for us to have accurate performance data, so that actions such as reducing or suspending ill-performing advertising campaigns are fact and not instinct-based.

The relationship starts with GrowthSpot understanding the platform your company’s website is running on, we will then recommend the appropriate tracking systems that best suit your needs, such as Google Tag Manager, a fully customised performance tracking structure will be designed and installed accordingly. The end goal is to enable your company to be able to accurately judge whether your advertising budget is spent in the right place. Basic installation includes the following tracking codes:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful free tools that allows you to gather the most amount of data from your website. The insights you gain from Google Analytics can help improve your marketing funnel, better serve your target audience and ultimately close more sales.

Google Ads Conversion Tracker

With Google Ads Conversion Tracker, you can identify with certainty whether the current ad is bringing you a desirable return. The data is also helpful in helping you adjust your campaign to attract more target customers.

Google Remarketing Tracker

Since visitors who have visited your website in the past are more likely to be your customers, we can use Google Remarketing Tracker to identify your remarketing audience and distribute remarketing ads to them accordingly.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel allows you to track conversions, optimize ads, build a target audience for future ads, and remarket to users who have already taken some action on your website through tracking your Facebook ads.

Google Search Console

This can be said as a supplementing tool to SEO (search engine optimization). It allows you to diagnose organic search results of your website from Google's perspective. Leveraging Google Search Console can help you understand why and how your website is performing in organic searches.

Tracking system inspection and correction

When companies conduct regular or large-scale website updates, changes in the website structure is almost inevitable, sometimes even impacting back-end codes that can result in data tracking errors.


GrowthSpot will perform regular checks on your website tracking system. We will also install performance tracking pixels for any new pages or landing pages of the website to ensure that the tracking pixels will not malfunction after website updates.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is a powerful website analytics tool which users can access to one’s website data including visitor’s behaviour, source of traffic, and other insightful information. It is vital to any digital marketing execution, especially for website revamp.


However, it will record all website audience’s actions including the website owner’s one, such as, actions from employees which is considered as distorted data and cannot reflect on the genuine behaviour of a user on your website.


To maximize your data accuracy and avoid any disturbance from distorted data, GrowthSpot are here to help for setting up filters, such as, IP Exclusion and Domain Exclusion on your GA account.

UTM Website Visitor Tracking

One critical piece of information companies always ask for is what channels did their website visitors come from. With Google Analytics, it can only track down very basic website visit data.


As an example, GA can only track whether the visitor entered your site from Facebook, but is unable to distinguish whether it was entered through a Facebook’s organic post or a Facebook’s advertisement. It also can’t tell which advertising campaign it came from.


GrowthSpot will generate an independent UTM URL for each of your ad campaigns or posts. All you need to do is set the UTM URL or place the UTM URL in your post, this will allow the corresponding website traffic to be tracked separately, enabling you to better understand your respective ad and channel performance.

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