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Leverage World #1 Social Networking Platform- Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

Drive traffic from active users by advertising them based on their demographics, interests, and behaviours

Reach your potential customers on the largest social networking platform

Imagine there is an advertising tool that can help you attract ideal customers based on preferences, interests, and behaviors. This tool saves your time and money by optimizing the way you advertise and make your message appear to customers who are most likely to buy.


That is the function of Facebook advertising. 


Facebook advertising is a platform used by many e-commerce companies, especially those with little budget at the beginning. They can utilize Facebook and Instagram, the world ’s largest social networking platform, to promote Its business growth.

Drive traffic by attracting active users

Facebook is somewhere we make connections with our family and friends. It is undeniably addictive that reports show that it has over 2 billion active users monthly. Compared to other social networks, users tend to spend more on Facebook. Moreover, Facebook has both Messenger and Instagram which Facebook advertisers can place their ads on with return in lots of active traffic to your landing pages.

Advertise based on audience’s demographics, interest and behaviour

Facebook allows people to share personal information, such as vacation photos, new music, and friend interactions. Each "Like" and contact on Facebook and Instagram will create a detailed personal user profile, Facebook advertisers can match their products and services with the user's interests, traits and behaviors for a greater chance in attracting their ideal clients.

How can GrowthSpot assist you?

GrowthSpot aims to provide higher Return on Investment for our customer’s advertisement. 


Our main mission is to help our clients develop a professional advertising model, find the right audience with the most purchasing power, brainstorming advertisement ideas, and monitoring the result to an optimal level regularly. We will take your needs and goals into account and propose a long-term strategic plan with continuous adjustments, supplemented by regular and detailed reporting.

Service Offering Includes:

Set up Business Manager Account

If your business is using Facebook as one of your promotional tools, Facebook Business Manager is a crucial tool to keep your Facebook safe and organized. By setting up ads, a detailed report will be generated to show you the effectiveness of your advertisement. People who give up Facebook Ads are usually those with wrong account settings or bombarded by various Facebook advertising tools which affect their campaign results. Therefore, the initial step to success is to ensure your account is set up correctly.


It is part of Facebook which includes your Ads Account, Company Website, and other advertising tools.

Install Facebook Pixel

The most common frustration among advertisers is the uncertainty of the campaign’s effectiveness. Without Facebook Pixel, hardly can one ensure the effectiveness of the advertisement to your website.


Facebook Pixel acts as a bridge between Facebook Ads and your website. It shows you the action that visitors take after they enter your website via Facebook ads. Not only it tells you the effectiveness of the ads, it also shows you the conversion comes from which audience.

Create Facebook Audience

Finding the right audience is one of the keys to Facebook Ads’ success. With billions of Facebook global active users, the Facebook Audience settings aims at finding users that are most likely to be interested in your brand and product.


Besides setting based on demographics, interests, and behaviors, Facebook includes various higher-level audience options, such as: using the collected customer or prospect data to find a new group of audience. (Finding similar Facebook users to your existing customers.

Produce and Optimize Facebook Ads

The success of Facebook Advertising depends highly on the details of settings. In each campaign, you can determine the target audience, budget, visibility, image, and the copy that users will be seeing. A campaign may contain multiple ads that you can perform A/B testing to find the best performing ads in each campaign.


Setting up a campaign on Facebook is an important initial step to excel oneself on this platform. Still, learning how to analyze data and make optimization should not be neglected as well.

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