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2022 Ultimate Google Ads Online Course

Summarized in 60 


Google Search Ads All-Round Tutorial Videos

Reveal How GrowthSpot skyrocket client’s online growth by Google Search ads


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Learn how to execute Google Ads step by step in 2022 – GrowthSpot has consolidated years of advertising experience & insights in 60 tutorial videos.

You will learn:

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You don’t need any Google Ads experience! What you need is:


Stable Wi-Fi

Computer, Tablet

or EVEN just your mobile phone

Of course, It will be even easier to pick up if you already have a website or Google Ads hands-on experience.


*7-day money-back guarantee

The Comprehensive and Professional Google Keyword Ads Course is written by Google Ads Experts

Turn your ads budget into real business opportunities by understanding the Google Ads algorithm thoroughly. GrowthSpot’s Google Ads course is one of the best in the industry, we have helped 8000+ SMEs staff to master Google Ads! This video course was filmed with the updated advertising guidelines and Google Ads interface.

Understand how to optimize Google Ads for continuing, efficient, and high-quality website traffic

Increase your business opportunities with Google Ads – Your customers are using Google to search for products and services that they need. With Google Ads, you can pause the poor-performing ads to avoid any business losses. This course reveals the essential backend knowledge which helps you to get significant results within a week.

Designed from Students' Perspectives - Covering Strategy Planning, Theory, and Execution

Access to 60+ tutorial videos- from strategy planning, theory, to execution. This course will lead your way to success bit by bit. Students are invited to contact mentors through WhatsApp where you can ask us questions anytime.

Required 0 Google Ads experience

*Videos are filmed in Cantonese.

Course Preview

1 important metric to have your churn customer back

2 Settings to improve Google Ads performances

3 competitive edges of Google Ads over Facebook Ads

Content Includes

*Videos are filmed in Cantonese.​

Basic Knowledge that Marketing Experts Must Read
Ad Structure that 95% People Do Not Know
Understanding Your Ad Return
Master in Keywords
Expert Tips for Keywords Match Type
Bidding Strategies Used by Advanced Users
Master the Backend
Advertising Copywriting Skills
Data Analysis Is Easier than You Think
Techniques for Keywords Sorting
About Quality Score

*7-day money-back guarantee


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Randal is a world-class Google Ads expert. He has provided Google Ads strategic consulting for many large and small companies, including Lazada, Zalora, Hotels.com, Welend, Shopline, etc., and deeply understanding the pain points of Hong Kong SMEs and Start-Up companies. Randal has cumulatively managed more than 200 million online marketing advertising expenses, obtained Google Ads Advanced certification, and now GrowthSpot founder and CEO, specializing in the development of online marketing technology tools and marketing consulting services for Hong Kong companies.

Without Google Ads’s Knowledge and Skills, You Will Lose Your Competitiveness in Online Business

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to create, develop and optimize Google Ads campaigns that send high-quality traffic to your website 24/7. You will find that mastering Google Ads is easier and more interesting than you think.

Thanks for taking your time to browse our course curriculum. You will really enjoy our course, and we cannot wait to share our knowledge and experience with you!

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*7-day money-back guarantee

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The GrowthSpot team has over 250 million experience in advertising budget management and is one of Google’s partners. With years of experience, GrowthSpot has high recognition in teaching Google Ads. We have held over 200 lectures and helped over 8000 SME marketers master the secrets of Google Ads.

This course is right for you if you want to have business growth achievement but is not familiar with Google Ads. You will learn the advertising techniques that have helped clients bring 2 to 4 times return, and how to apply them in your company’s business.

You can use the ‘Discussion’ function during video courses to ask GrowthSpot any questions, we will answer your questions. At the same time, you can also refer to your peers’ Q&A and discussion. Also, you can contact the assigned mentor through WhatsApp.

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