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Strengthen Organic Search Channels by effective Website Optimization, Content and Technology adjustment

What is SEO?

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization, it means making use of content marketing to boost the website ranking on search engines.


There are countless ways of doing so, some may follow hacker’s strategy to boost the website and the specific keyword by filling the website with that keyword, however, this practice has been greatly forbidden by Google. Therefore, we should proceed with the right method, creating valuable content.


GrowthSpot uses a proper WSI SEO model, which includes keywords, competitor investigations, technical SEO, content writing, promotional content, and SEO effectiveness reviews, etc. to boost brand’s SEO ranking in a gradual process.

Service Offering Includes:

Technical SEO

To have a decent SEO Ranking, Google not only assess the value of content, but also dig into website technical structure, such as, website authentication, coding layout, website structure, intra and inter-link. These elements have always been ignored by SEO newbies but it aids Google to decide whether your website is trustworthy and secure.


GrowthSpot has a professional website engineer team who are here to perform a series of evaluations based on website technical structure and make adjustments. We ensure that your website can fulfill all Google’s technical requirements, meanwhile keeping website users safe, thereby boosting the SEO Ranking

Create valuable content

Lots of people create content based on their interests and write it casually. However, to create high quality content, we need to understand our potential customers thoroughly, by which we need to know their pain points and write relevant solutions on our content to arouse their interest.


Growthspot adopts the marketing funnel in understanding your customers and writes our content to each stage of the funnel relatively in order to boost the incentive of potential customers at all stages promoting to the next stage, and ultimately make a purchase.

Seamless User Experience

User Experience (UX) plays an important role in how your website utilizes the search engine. It depends on different factors including website infrastructure, layout, and content, etc. 


GrowthSpot proceed with professional optimization from several aspects:

Improve website structure: 


“Simple is Better”- The key component of this part in optimizing website’s navigation, ensuring search engines can retrieve all pages, and allowing users to find the website they are looking for easily. To keep everything neat and speedy on all platforms, your website be loaded within 2 seconds. Image compressing, coding, structure optimization, and faster servers will help you to achieve your goals. Ensure you have high click rate and low bounce rate. Google did not announced these as it ranking factors, but optimize your website can increase no. of engagement which boosts ranking indirectly.


Optimize customer journeys based on their behaviour. Since SEO started to become user-oriented gradually, you and your UX technicians should work together to ensure excellent experience at every stage of the customer journey. In other words, your goal is to convert and sell, not simply traffic and potential customers.

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