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Do you know your conversion? How many visitors from Google actually made a purchase? Do you know which page on your website is your customers’ favorite? We collect all relevant data from your website and advertisements that will help us track user behavior records, analyze it with our AI programs and determine the most relevant Marketing strategy that will help grow your business.


Achieve your target return on investment

Many companies spend resources and money on advertisements and online marketing with suboptimal results. Money was spent, but revenue has not increased. GrowthSpot applies a systematic approach to test out the highest returning methodology, allowing you to reach your target audience that has the highest purchase opportunities and successfully convert them to returning customers.


Tailored Digital Growth Formula

Every dollar matters to SMEs, and not every company should be spending money on advertising. Before proposing a marketing plan, we must first understand your business background, growth needs, and conduct in-depth analysis to define a plan for key actions to be performed at different stages.

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For us, online marketing is not about increasing the number of Clicks and Likes, but to achieve the ultimate goal of bringing in orders, revenue and returning customers

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