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Professional marketing agency serving Hong Kong since 2016

1. HKD250m+ of Budget. Extensive online advertising experience with world-class expertise across different channels, including Google ads, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Google Display Network. We have collectively managed over HKD250M in ads spend.

2. 300+ Seminars Held. Our team hosts seminars and workshops regularly to teach business owners and marketing teams effective ways of doing digital marketing. With both free and paid classes, our students learn to succeed in social media, paid media and owned media.

3. 25+ Years of Experience. Growthspot has over 25 years of marketing experience. Having served businesses all over Asia, we have the skills and ability to tackle the most challenging projects.


"GrowthSpot team gave me a big help of developing Google Adwords and Facebook page campaigns. We handle various European brands and products with different positioning. Facing the high competition in the online field, GrowthSpot’s platform still did a good job on advertising and statistical analysis. Running the program for only a half year, we have achieved significant improvement in getting an online audience to visit our offline showrooms."


"GrowthSpot team is very professional in advertisement management. We sell seasonal food products and souvenirs for a wide range of customers. In the past, we struggled and placed ads with our own judgment which resulted in costly ads. After using GrowthSpot’s platform, we are able to achieve extremely cost-effective ads and better targeting."


"Different from the normal marketing agents, GrowthSpot provides comprehensive assistance to us for both execution works and strategy consultations, which help us move easier in the eCommerce industry. In this year, they helped us to create various kind of Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns and rebuild the website. It improved the UX and UI for the customer in a professional eCommerce angle. Hence, we observed an obvious increase in the website traffics and conversion rate with their help."