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Automate Your Online Marketing Process

Provide different product materials to your buyers at the right timing to enhance their trust & loyalty.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a technique that manages marketing processes across platforms automatically. Companies that adopt marketing automation have shown a 451% growth of high-quality lead (The Annuitas Group).


With Marketing Automation, enterprises can locate customers via email, internet, and social media with automated messages. 


GrowthSpot aims to aid you in defining the workflow and building it from scratch to maximize efficiency and revenue. With effective automation in handling repetitive tasks, SMEs regain more time in solving other problems and reduce human errors.


This practice is beneficial in nurturing and acquiring new customers and orders, also maintaining the balance of the overall ROI of the campaign. As the business grows, the time and cost-saving from automation increase as well. Optimal marketing automation is designate to grow together with your business.

Service Offering Includes:

Create a Customer Database

Marketing automation eliminates the need to press “send” on every email, message, event or post manually. An optimal automation tool helps you identify different audiences, design precise content automatically based on customer behaviour. After introducing marketing automation to your business, you can now focus on other tasks, and start to analyze and adjust your marketing plan with the corresponding results.

Personal Customer Journey

What’s marketing automation mean to the customer journey? With it, you can formulate each interaction based on customer data to create a continuous and seamless journey at each touchpoint rather than simply pasting their names in the subject line. By generating content for the right customers at the right time, it recommends the suitable product for your website visitors.


Provide timely, relevant content to turn potential customers into lifelong brand advocates. No matter where the customer is in the life cycle (from promotion to checkout), remember you can reach them throughout the customer’s journey.

Automate Marketing Strategy and Optimization

Marketing Automation is what you need for determining your goals. “Are your current goals mostly leads or conversion-related? “


Knowing this will help you to determine the setup of an automated system. Think of your current strategies and its corresponding weaknesses, build a roadmap that supports the strategies and understand the sequences and components of each stage required thoroughly to ensure success. 


After setting up the system, GrowthSpot will assist you in setting up automated data collection and analysis of potential customers, sales, and successful events, etc. This helps marketers to evaluate the effectiveness of past and current campaigns and predict which one works better in the future. This automatically analyzed reports allow you to learn and improve at all stages of your marketing process. Brands can also benefit from automated A/B Testing to make optimization in a real-time manner and maximize the effectiveness.

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