You will be able to see the data all in one place from your integrated channels, such as Google Ads, Google Analytics and Facebook Ads. No more windows switching to follow the numbers of different channel. GrowthSpot allows you to connect the dots by enabling data checking at a glance: Focus on making decisions and strategies to grow your business.

Important data you will be able to see:

– Impression
– Visitors
– Ad spend

Your marketing analytics assistant. How?It analyzes your marketing spend and result for you, and suggests the ideal maximum bid that you should pay for a click on any ad channel back by Machine Learning technology.
In this feature, you will get: 

1. Bid-Calculator
2. Target ROAS Calculator
3. Estimated Ads Spend Calculator

Don’t have an in-house SEM expert or agency to help you nail the keyword list?
Google is responsible for 94% of the total organic traffic. We surely refuse to see you lose your potential sales here. GrowthSpot developed “Keywords Generator “ to help you generate all the permutations efficiently and effectively.

Broad Match: Including misspellings, synonyms, related searches and other relevant variations. The benefits of this is high exposure when the downside is high cost caused by irrelevant clicks
For example: If your keywords are yoga training class, and your advertisement will have high chance to appear if the search term included yoga, training or class. 

Broad Match Modifier: This modifier make sure ads will only be shown when keywords are included in the search terms by using a plus sign “+” in front of them(+yoga). This can reduce the ineffective exposure.
Example: If your keywords are +yoga + training +class, the search terms below will trigger your ads to appear

  • Yoga training
  • Yoga class
  • Yoga in city center
  • Free yoga training  etc.

Phrase Match: If your keyword is “yoga training class”, ads might be shown if the search terms are” hk yoga training class”/ “yoga training class price”, additional words before or after keyword is possible. 

Exact Match:
If the keywords are “yoga training class” (not case sensitive) the search term must be exactly the same as the keywords to trigger the ad exposure. The advantage is high Click through rate(CTR), and disadvantage is very limited exposure. This setting is mostly use in wide known brands or product.

As Google limited only 20,000 items for each ad group.

Here is the solution:
Group the relevant or similar keywords into one ad group

    • – Keywords fall into Similar theme
    • – Keywords that are relevant to similar target audience 
    • – Group keywords that work the most effectively for specific device

Keyword Ideas generates relevant keywords according to the location and language that are selected along with your keyword input

Here is what you will get:

1. Trend: Searching trend in the past 12 months
2. Search Volume: Search volume in the past 12 months
3. CPC: Avenge cost per click
4. Competition: High mean difficult keywords, low mean relatively easier to compete keywords. 

In the result page, you could switch the view from relevant keywords to question keywordsPhrases, in order to get the most relevant result for your ad campaign.

Can you simply summarize what is Alert Engine?

No problems! By connecting your Google Ads account to the Alert Engine, it can monitor the performance of your campaign every second. It will send alerts to you if you have set up the criteria as well as reporting ineffective keywords regularly. This helps you to understand the problems at a glance.

Why do I need Alert Engine?
Have you ever encountered these problems?

1. No human resources and time to analyze the performance of advertisement regularly
2. Miss the prime time to make amendments to ads
3. Lack of the know-how to amend your ads

Alert Engine helps you to deal with all these challenges.

How does Alert Engine help my business grow?
1. Monitor ads status and effectiveness at every second
2. Triggers criteria in Alarm Engine automatically and advise you immediately. E.G. CPC < $5
3.  Provides reports and monitoring templates to facilitate speedy, large-quantity amendments and upload settings.

I am interested! Can you teach me how to use it step-by-step?
1. Opens the setting of the Alert Engine

2. Connect to your Google Ads account
Grant permission to GrowthSpot

3. Choose the Google Ads account that you want to connect

4. Go back to the “Alert Engine” page. Click “Create Alert”

5. Choose “Alert Engine” template. We provide you with different templates to assist you in detecting undesirable results.

6. Amend the criteria. The majority of the settings have been done for you based on your tracking goal. You would only need to set the criteria that trigger the alert. E.g. CPC. * We suggest you take the Bid or ROAD ROAS Bid result from Marketing Calculator.
enter value

7. Select “Accept email notification”

8. Completed! You can see it on the Alert page. From now on, you will receive an email alert when undesirable performance is generated. You can also login to GrowthSpot platform to learn about the details

How can I check the report in detail?
1. Click “Show Activities” of the specific alert to see the Activities Log.

2. Click ” Check Details” to see the problems.3. Click “Download CSV” to get the report so that you can bulk edit the settings and upload changes to your Goggle Ads account quickly.

What is Dynamic Search Advertising (DSA)?
Your product data  ( not keywords ) will be used to create ads that advertise to potential consumers who searches with terms closely related to the titles and frequently used phrases on your website.

Why should I use Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)
1. It uses the content of the site itself to build ads without the needs of key words
2. It automatically calculates the best page for the customers to log on, allowing more flexibility
3. Ads content are more accurate and diverse, earning you more CLICKS!

Why should I use your platform to set it up? 
GrowthSpot has helped you set up the best templates and streamline the entire process. With this feature of GrowthSpot,  You don’t have to worry about spending days to understand each process and setting.

Can you tell me how to set up and operate step-by-step?
1. First go to “Google Dynamic Search Ads” and click “Go to Settings”
2. Connect to Google Ads
– Click “Connect Now” under Google Ads
– Select the Google Account that you want to connect
– Grant permission to GrowthSpot
3. Go back to Google DSA page and click “Create Ads”
4. “Step 1”- Create Campaign – set the page you would like to advertise for and your target region
5. At “Campaign Daily Budget” set the budget per day and the maximum cost per click
6. “Step 2” – Create Ad group
– set ad group name
– set rules to target specific web pages
– type description
7.  You can also set more than one ad group
8. You have successfully built Google Dynamic Search Ads! You can now monitor the performance on our platform.

We understand different merchants have different needs. That’s why GrowthSpot offers the all-in-one marketing platform and also the GrowthSpot Plus service.GrowthSpot Plus includes customised growth packages for businesses that needs a more all-rounded strategy and execution.

You will get Marketing funnel optimization, Acquisition and analytics tracking, SEO optimization and more… Click here if you want to know more.