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Subscription Plans and Payment

The 3 Subscription Plans on GrowthSpot

Credit card is not needed for GrowthSpot AI Platform Free Trial.

With free trial period, you can enjoy Standard Plan for 15-Days. After free trial, please upgrade your account if you want to continue the standard plan.

If account is not upgraded, it will be automatically downgraded to Basic Plan. You still have access to few features.

You are welcomed to upgrade the plan anytime. Click here to know the details of Basic, Standard and Enterprise Plan.

How to continue to use all feature after free trial?

You need to upgrade to the Standard Plan before the trial period ends. The paid plan will start after the 15-days trial period. For example, if you upgrade on the 2nd day of the trial period, even if the upgrade has been confirmed, the paid plan will start 13 days after. Feel free to upgrade anytime in your trial period.

About Payment Process

1. Log in to your GrowthSpot account

2. Click the user name at the upper right corner, and choose “Billings & Plans” OR click “Upgrade Now” at notification bar

3. Click the red button – “Upgrade Plan” which is next to Plan Details

4. Select “Standard Plan”

5. Fill in your payment info and click “Purchase Plan Now”

6. Finish! You will received a subscription confirmation email

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