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Latest Marketing Trend – Inbound Marketing

As a hot topic in online marketing, the effectiveness of Facebook and Google ads in recent years has not been as good as before. Costs have been rising, but the number of people touched by ads has continued to decline. In order to maintain competitiveness, all parties can only find another way out . Among the many marketing strategies, Inbound Marketing (inbound marketing) has emerged as a new favorite in the advertising industry, and it is a part of today’s online marketing that cannot be ignored.

Reduce harassment and turn offense to “defense”

Under the new classification method, traditional sales strategies such as various types of product advertisements, leaflets or telephone and e-mail sales are all classified as Outbound Marketing, or aggressive marketing. A major feature of Outbound Marketing is the uninterrupted bombardment of information. Through all-round dissemination, the audience cannot ignore the existence of its products. Ignoring personal wishes, constantly invading the personal space of the audience, of course, caused a general feeling of disgust, and people began to stay away from all traditional sales methods.

If Outbound Marketing is aggressive and active, in contrast, Inbound Marketing is passive, but at the same time it is active. Therefore, in addition to inbound marketing, some people also translate Inbound Marketing as inbound marketing. In fact, inbound marketing is by no means passive. To successfully attract customers or attract audiences , the kung fu is definitely more complicated than that of outbound marketing.

If the keywords of Outbound Marketing are “quantity” and “frequency”, the keywords of Inbound Marketing are “value”. Different from the traditional way of directly selling products, Inbound Marketing pays more attention to how to highlight the value of products. By creating and sharing a variety of product-related content that is of interest to potential customers, build brand impression and product value step by step. Therefore, Inbound Marketing includes:

Social media posts (Facebook, Instagram)

Article, chart analysis or video (Blog, Youtube link)

Informational email or regular electronic newsletter (eDM)

However, the above-mentioned information and content must be able to be seen or discovered in order for the value to appear. To this end, Inbound Marketing needs to effectively cooperate with search engine optimization (SEO) , social networks , communication software, and online advertising ; or that, if the above methods do not exist, Inbound Marketing is also difficult to achieve. It can be seen that, although Inbound Marketing is passive, it is never passive.

To do a good job in inbound marketing, the most important thing is to collect data for optimization and decisively reduce activities with low conversion rates.

Capturing hearts can grow

Compared with traditional outbound marketing methods, inbound marketing undoubtedly takes a lot of time and effort: from building brand impressions to establishing and highlighting product value, the results may not be immediate; however, inbound marketing has become more and more companies adopting There are two main reasons for the strategy:

A) Low cost, high return

According to a report by HubSpot in 2017, the cost of Inbound Marketing is 62% lower than that of Fu Tong Outbound Marketing, but it has a higher return on investment (ROI).

2) Loyal customer base

Compared with the impulsive consumption caused by the bombardment of Outbound Marketing, Inbound Marketing pays more attention to the customer’s recognition of brand concepts and products. From the moment the customer actively discovers the product through search engines and other means, they gradually deepen their understanding of the product and discover the value of the product. The resulting loyalty to the brand is definitely higher and more lasting than the old-style marketing.

Looking at the current marketing market, the advantages of inbound marketing are obvious; although the actual operation is no longer simple and will never be able to fully improve outbound marketing, I still hope that you can start immediately and understand step by step And make good use of American marketing strategies to continue to improve performance.

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