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Knowing the Most Popular Advertising Tool – Google Display Network

This article describes an advertising tool – Google Multimedia Network (GDN).

What is the Google Display Network (GDN)?

In addition to keyword advertising , GDN (Google Display Network) is the world’s largest advertising, covering a wide range, advertising is easier to achieve maximum profit. GDN promotes targeted audiences across multiple ad formats, reaching over 90% of web users. GDN includes more than 2 million websites and more than 65 apps for promotion channels. You can promote your business on major websites or apps and connect with your target audience through different devices.

Next, we will share five key points so that everyone can have a deeper understanding of this advertising method.

1. GDN advertising form

GDN offers a variety of ad formats for advertisers to choose from, each of which can appeal to a diverse customer base and bring a variety of benefits to store operations.

Text ads: In the form of text-only ads, customers can see the location and opening hours of the store at a glance. Stores can also add more detailed information and contact information.

Image ads: Ads in both dynamic and static image formats are more compelling than words and are more likely to attract customers’ attention.

Video ads: These ads are similar to video ads inserted in the middle of YouTube before the movie or movie, providing customers with more sensory stimulation.

Responsive ads: Ads will adjust the size, appearance, and format of your ad based on ad space, as well as text or image ads. Create these ads in just a few minutes. This type of ad can also be displayed as a native ad, increasing its impact.

App ads: Increase the number of app downloads, bring targeted customers to the app store, and encourage them to download, but they will only show on content-compatible devices.

Product Shopping Ads : Shopping ads will show your product photos, names, prices and store names in front of customers. In addition to attracting their attention, most of the guests who enter your online store through this wide range of clicks are already interested in your products, and the store’s conversion rate will increase.

Gmail ads: Place custom ads in Gmail to let target customers store, forward, and open your ads in your inbox.

It’s worth noting that some ad types only show ads on mobile devices, so you’ll need to pay attention to these details when advertising to bring more benefits.

2. How does GDN find the target audience?

GDN provides advertisers with more than 2 million sites to reach the right target audience to maximize the benefits of display advertising. GDN will find the right potential customers through the following three points:

With keywords and topics: Google AdWords uses content matching to match the keywords and campaign themes you set. With content matching, you can more accurately identify potential customers who are interested in your products, effectively increase store conversion rates and increase store sales.

Choose where to show your ads: In order to reach your target audience more accurately, GDN allows advertisers to decide for themselves which specific site and page type they serve, or even the target of the ad. In addition, you can select placements and impressions in selected webpages, videos, games, RSS feeds, and apps. At the same time, you can block irrelevant site impressions and give your ads the best chance to connect with potential customers.

Identify potential customers interested in your product: Display ads on specific sites on the GDN website in the form of remarketing ads. Establish settings such as “Affinity Objects” or “Goals with Consumer Willingness” to complete your advertising goals.

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